Climate Change Matters

​Releasing the natural energy from the heart of Africa

how we do it

Burundi Electrification Programme

Creating sustainable energy communities by connecting everyone

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Sustainable Development

About us, our stories and why we do what we do

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Our mission
To build commercially viable energy businesses, systems and networks in developing countries, connecting people to sustainable energy

What we do

We are working with local communities and governments in developing countries to create community energy cooperatives, building renewable energy mini-grids that the community will own.

Giharo Burundi system house and solar panels

Who we are

Between us we have two Masters in Sustainable Development and well over half a century of experience, nine languages and professional in-country experience in more than 20 countries. We are experts renewable energy and sustainable development, in creating new successful businesses, initiatives and programmes, testing and proving new concepts, and working with others to make great things happen.

Stronger Together

Currently our CEO and Managing Director Phillip Stovold is acting CEO and Managing Director of  the following Greenpeace owned or founded cooperative and companies: Genervest Ltd, Genervest SCE limited & Genervest SA and providing renewable energy policy, financing and development advisory services along with management, business set-up and development support to the Greenpeace Common Power and Community Energy Accelerator programmes in South Africa.

Genervest is an energy transition accelerator designed to give people the power to stop climate change

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