Burundi Small-Utility

Rural electrification at a scale that makes it economically viable

​Kaboni is working with the Energy Minsitry of the Government of Burundi to implement a major rural electrification programme in the Eastern Provinces. We are in the procurement stage for our pilot in Rutana province and pending Covid-19 travel restrictions for the UK and Burundi being lifted at the same time expect to implement the pilot during 2022. We will use the pilot to establish tariff metrics and estimate system sizes across the 63 sites we are planning to incorporate into the extended smart, mini-grid network we will build.

This will incorporate innovative network, system and storage and generation technology being planned for use in Europe and be developed as a vertically integrated small utility operating as a renewable energy services company.  We are working with experts and suppliers to provide state-of-the-art, low cost, 24/7/365, automated demand and supply managed, renewable electricity via smart networks.

To allow us to scale this rapidly and deliver efficiently we are discussing a PPP with the government which will also ensure that what we build is aligned to the national electrification plan.​ Our combined experience gives us strong development links across Africa and Europe. The Kaboni team have advised on, developed and delivered energy projects in Cameroon, Dubai, Greece, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia and are now focusing on Burundi.​

Electrification rates in Burundi are amongst the lowest in the World at around 11%, with 49% of the urban and only 1% of the rural population connected to electricity. Working with the communities and government, we use our own well tested and constantly improving implementation solutions that mean electricity access will be less than a substation cost, affordable and reliable. We work with communities and local financial institutions to catalyse development opportunities. Currently seeking funding partners, please contact Phillip Stovold or Charlie Knight for more information.

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