Giving the people the power to stop climate change.

Genervest is a new funding initiative we developed with Greenpeace designed to help stop climate change, by catalysing, accelerating, and democratising the transition towards renewable energy - giving back the control of the energy sector to people.

It has three components:

Genervest is the result of several years of research and development between Kaboni Greenpeace and partners, and is a solution tothe e transition isn't happening at the rate it should. Kaboni is providing management and consultancy services during the start-up period, partnering closely with Greenpeace Greece to get Genervest running and achieving its mission

By developing the initial concept of Genervest, Kaboni is supporting the creation of the new company, which includes (but is not limited to) setting up the processes and operational framework, IT integration, media planning, compliance, multi-country assessments, deal-flow development, AI development and automation, compliance and legal frameworks and capacity structures.

Genervest is looking for an equity investor to join us for the next phase with the re-launch using our own platform and a new authorisation under the EU crowdfunding regulation (ECSP), in 2024.

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